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Character On The Go

We Animate Character Education began with the fun, animated characters you see on our Emotional ID Puzzles, which are suitable for home or classroom use. But, as teachers, we quickly realized that character education need not limit students to a desk.

Character education can take place on the playground, in the school gymnasium, at home, or anywhere students and teachers or parents may be. Character education can be fun, active and engaging ... and it is with our Character Education-to-Go product lines.

Our Character Education-to-Go series, which includes our Anti Bullying Bands, CharacterEDbandz, and our Anti Bully Balls makes character education a hands-on activity that will engage every type of learner.

Active children will enjoy throwing and catching our Anti Bully soccer ball while thinking fast to respond to the questions on the ball.

Students can wear CharacterEDbandz and Anti Bullying Bands to the mall, the beach, the playground, their friend's house, and everywhere they go to serve as a tactile reminder of the importance of strong character and being a friend to everyone they meet. The bands are designed to spark conversations about the building blocks of good character and the importance of taking a stand against bullying.

Students carry strong character with them through life, and character education shouldn't be confined to the classroom, either. Our products are developed and field-tested by real teachers, and designed for use in classrooms, homes, in gymnasiums, with church groups and community groups, and beyond. Anywhere children learn and anywhere children play, Character Education-to-Go products go with them to remind them of the importance of strong character, build self-esteem and enhance their emotional intelligence.

Why Character Education?

Character education involves teaching students the building blocks of character, culminating in self-awareness, to help in their decision-making and coping skills throughout life. People of good character don't become bullies, don't tolerate bullying, and know how to handle and respond to bullying threats so that they are less likely to become targets.

Let's Ban Bullying!

Being bullied is not, as some believe, a “rite of passage” through school. In fact, bullying can have dire life consequences for bullies and students who are being bullied.

Our Character Education And Anti-Bullying Products

CharacterEDbandz (Character Education Wristbands)

CharacterEDbandz (Character Education Wristbands)

a practical, hands-on approach to character education

CharacterEDbandz take character education in schools or at home to a whole new level. Our comprehensive curriculum meets legal requirements for teaching character, and is fun, affordable and effective Part of our Character-Education-To-Go series, CharacterEDbandz and the accompanying curriculum offer a practical, tactile way to teach the pillars of character to students in grades 3 - 12.
Emotional ID Puzzles (Character Education Jigsaw Puzzles)

Emotional ID Puzzles (Character Education Jigsaw Puzzles)

individual and group-based character education

Children getting out of control? Do they need a timeout? Why not make it a Therapeutic Timeout with We Animate Character's Emotional ID Puzzles? Designed for students in grades K - 8, in special needs classes, regular classes, in inner city or suburban environments, our puzzles help students get in touch with their feelings.
Anti Bullying Soccer Balls

Anti Bullying Soccer Balls

character education meets physical education

Our anti bullying soccer ball puts a new, exciting and educational spin on a popular and beloved children's sport for boys and girls of all ages.
Anti Bullying Bands

Anti Bullying Bands

let's ban bullying with anti-bullying wristbands

Anti Bullying Bands are a new concept in the fight against bullying, designed by teachers who are experts in character education and field-tested in schools and on playgrounds across the country.

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