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Anti Bullying Bands

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Anti Bullying Bands
Anti Bullying Bands
Anti Bullying Bands

Anti Bullying Bands are a new concept in the fight against bullying, designed by teachers who are experts in character education and field-tested in schools and on playgrounds across the country.

These popular bands are available in 1/2-inch thick (red) or 1-inch thick (black) sizes to fit girls or boys, younger or older children, so that everyone can join the fight against bullying.

Kids who wear Bully Bands send a secret signal to other kids, that says:

I will not bully others.

I won't tolerate bullying.

I will help you if you're being bullied.

Children who are being bullied can look for anyone wearing an Anti Bullying Band and know they've found a safe haven, a guardian angel who doesn't bully others and won't stand for bullying.

How Anti Bullying Bands Work

Teachers, parents and administrators can give these bands to students as a way to raise bullying awareness and promote character education in schools.

Instructions for using an Anti Bullying Band are printed clearly on the package. Students wearing an Anti Bully Band can follow these steps if they witness someone being bullied:

1. Take the student being bullied to a safe place and tell a grown-up

2. Invite them to play with you and your friends, away from the bully

3. Make them smile or laugh by sharing a joke

Anti bullying bands can be offered at the completion of an anti bullying lesson or after the successful completion of other anti bullying activities. These fashionable bands in red or black provide a tactile reminder to students that tolerating bullying is harmful, and provide them with the confidence to speak up and act appropriately if they witness bullying.

Why Anti Bullying Bands Work

Anti Bullying Bands are a fun and affordable way for students and teachers to take a stand against bullying! Just like other We Animate Character Education products, anti bullying bands come with supplemental online anti bullying resources.

Anti Bullying Bands help students build the confidence they need to take action when they witness bullying. Students who wear Anti Bully Bands are like guardian angels, a safe haven for students who are being bullied. As part of our Education-to-Go Series, they are a great way to create a sense of community within a school, church or community center.

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