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Emotional ID Puzzles

Emotional ID Puzzles - Cooperative
Emotional ID Puzzles - Individual
Emotional ID Puzzles - Individual

Children getting out of control? Do they need a timeout? Why not make it a Therapeutic Timeout with We Animate Character's Emotional ID Puzzles? Designed for students in grades K - 8, in special needs classes, regular classes, in inner city or suburban environments, our puzzles help students get in touch with their feelings.

Using Dr. Daniel Goleman's principles of Emotional Intelligence, Emotional ID Puzzles support character education in schools and at home. The accompany curriculum and lesson plans give teachers and parents a straight-forward approach to guiding students toward better communication skills, intrapersonal intelligence, and understanding their feelings.

How Do Emotional ID Puzzles Work?

When a student is feeling frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, or sad, or even experiencing positive emotions such as happiness and excitement, place them in an area where they can put together the Emotional ID Puzzle calmly and peacefully.

First, discuss the picture on the box of the puzzle. What emotional expression is the character portraying?

Then, the student should take the time necessary to put the puzzle together. The teacher or parent should facilitate a conversation where the student shares his emotions. Are the emotions similar to what the student believes the character on the box is feeling? In what ways are they different? How did the student feel before putting together the puzzle? How does he or she feel now?

Have the student explain or write a short paragraph describing another situation where he or she felt powerful emotions. Did those emotions help them find a solution, or hinder their efforts to think clearly and reach a conclusion?

Finally, have the student compare and contrast their emotions before and after completing the puzzle, and the potential consequences of those emotions had they not taken a therapeutic timeout.

Emotional ID Puzzles for Character Education

Emotional ID Puzzles from We Animate Character Education come in many versions to fit boys and girls of different ethnicities.

Each puzzle showcases one of five different emotions: Afraid, Angry, Embarrassed, Happy, and Sad.

Each puzzle includes a lesson plan and teacher's guide to help fulfill requirements for character education in schools.

CharacterEDbandz (Character Education Wristbands)

CharacterEDbandz (Character Education Wristbands)

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